IT Talk: Case Studies from Solutions Architects

IT Talk: Case Studies from Solutions Architects

We invite you to an IT talk with DataArt Solutions Architects Andrey Sorokin and Denis Tsyplakov. Experts that largely determine how a software product looks like will share their recent experience in solving non-trivial tasks.

About the event

The event will take place at Fabrika Event Space in Belgrade. Speech and presentations are in English. The official part of the IT talk will be followed by networking with beer/wine/non-alchoholic beverages and finger-food for all the guests.

The specialty hand-picked projects: from PoC to production by Andrey Sorokin

• Building a multiplayer game in under 6 months

• Re-inventing the video streaming platform.

Evolution of a big and scary monolithic application into a set of less scary services by Denis Tsyplakov

• Successful 1.5 year refactoring experience in big enterprise environment

• Why refactoring a monolithic application is simple only in theory: Conway’s Law, ProdOps limitations, Infosec and other nuances

• Why monolith refactoring is fun and what I’ll do differently next time.

DataArt is a global software engineering firms that works with people and for people. Leaded by our “People First”-principle, we trace our history from 1997. In 2022 our Belgrade R&D center was opened as the first unit of our Balkans brunch.


Andrey Sorokin

Solutions Architect and software engineer with vast experience in designing and building high-loaded systems, video streaming solutions, media, and machine learning. Andrey has a Ph.D. and specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Object Recognition, and Computer Linguistics.

Denis Tsyplakov

Started programming in the late 1980s, and has been programming professionally since mid-1990s. He has written software in more than 10 languages, but Java is still his favorite. He has been working at DataArt since 2006. Main interests in IT: creating fault-tolerant services, pragmatic system architecture, creative solutions to non-trivial problems.

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